BetUS Golf Betting Review

BetUS is a US-friendly golf sportsbook that was established in 1994. They are a little light on the golf betting options but they make up for it with a flawless reputation and one of the best all-around sports betting packages. BetUS provides its customers with betting analyses, a remarkable deposit bonus and fair odds on all golf bets.

BetUS Golf Betting Site Options And Odds

BetUS offers a high quality experience for all sports bettors but it’s golf betting section focuses primarily on outright win bets and matchup bets. It’s not a long list of bet types, but within each section you should find plenty of profitable betting lines. The odds are updated each day so that every time you log in to BetUS, you can see exactly which bets are open for business.

The good thing about golf betting at BetUS is that the odds are fair and the sportsbook is easy to navigate. This is easily one of the best looking sportsbooks and that actually does make a difference. You will also find the golf analysis section useful in picking winners and keeping up to date.

The bad thing about BetUS golf betting is that the betting options are limited. Outright winner bets and match up bets are plentiful but that’s about it. You won’t be doing any 3-ball betting or prop betting at BetUS. If you don’t mind the limited betting options, then you’ll enjoy BetUS.

At the very minimum, it’s worth keeping an account open at BetUS. They offer fair odds on their golf bets and those odds sometimes beat the other big sportsbooks. Most importantly, BetUS is an established sportsbook with a safe record.

BetUS Golf Betting Deposit Bonus

BetUS has the biggest and most rewarding deposit bonus out of any online sportsbook. When you sign up and make a deposit at BetUS, you will be welcomed with a 60% bonus added to your first deposit there. This means that if you sign up and deposit $100, you’ll get an extra $60 as a “thank you” for signing up.

As an additional welcome bonus, you’ll also be sent a free copy of the BetUS girls calendar and DVD. If you decide to make a second deposit, you’ll get one more 60% bonus on that one. An extra 60% on each of your first two deposits makes this the largest sportsbook deposit bonus anywhere.

Frequent bettors can also take advantage of the gambler’s insurance program at BetUS. If you make at least two wagers per week, you can get up to 10% of your losses returned to you in the form of a bonus. BetUS adds up your total deposits and total withdrawals and then returns 10% of the difference if your deposits outweigh your withdrawals. This program runs in six month intervals.