Bodog Golf Betting Review

Bodog Sportsbook is our number one recommended golf sportsbook for several reasons. The short of it is that Bodog has both a great reputation and a solid lineup of golf betting options. If you’re interested in betting on golf as safely and hassle-free as possible, Bodog is the place to do it.

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Bodog Golf Betting Site Options And Odds

The Bodog oddsmakers do a great job providing us with new golf bets every day. There is always an important golf tournament taking place somewhere and Bodog is always right there, ready with the latest lines. Just as important, Bodog usually offers the most generous odds for its golf bets.

The golf betting section at Bodog is divided into five categories:

  • PGA & EPGA Betting
  • Head to Head Betting
  • 3 Ball Betting
  • LPGA Betting
  • Golf Futures

Each betting section is open year round for all types of bets. The PGA and EPGA section is devoted all the latest golf tournaments and tours. Inside that section, you can place bets on outright tournament winners, high place finishers and individual player finishes.

The head-to-head and 3-ball betting sections are both fairly similar. These bets allow golf fans to pick two golfers (head-to-head) or three golfers (3-ball) and wager on which golfer will finish with the lowest score of the group. The odds vary from one bet to the next, but you can usually find some very advantageous lines.

Women’s golf is not forgotten either, with its own LPGA section. The LPGA betting options at Bodog are about the same as what you will find on the PGA side. There aren’t as many large LPGA tournaments, but you can still find something to bet on every day.

The golf futures at Bodog take care of all those more long-term bets. The list of futures bets includes things such as “who will win the most money in 2010” and “will Tiger Woods win a major in 2010.” You can also place bets on individual golfers to win tournaments that are still a ways off in the future.

Bodog Golf Betting Deposit Bonus

If you’re new to Bodog, you will get a 10% unlimited deposit bonus added to your first deposit there. All you have to do is use the bonus code HUGEBDG when you sign up for an account at Bodog. After that, you’ll get 10% added to any deposit of $20 or more. So if you sign up and deposit $300, you’ll get an extra $30 free.

The clearing requirements for this signup bonus are the easiest in the industry. Before you withdraw the bonus money or any winnings you earned with the bonus money, Bodog asks that you place a total sum of wagers equal to your first deposit + bonus amount. After that, the money is yours for the taking.