Major Golf Betting Events

Professional golf may be a series of never ending tournaments, but there are a few major golf betting events that stand out above the rest. More specifically, the four majors every year plus the Ryder Cup are considered the most elite tournaments in golf. These events account for a large portion of the total golf betting handle each year.

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Masters Tournament Betting

The Masters Tournament is the first of the four majors to be played each year. This tournament occupies the first week of April and is held at the Augusta National Golf Club. The winner of the Masters Tournament earns more than a million dollars and receive the club’s honorary Green Jacket for a year.

All the golf sportsbooks recommended here offer Masters Tournament betting every year. If you place the right bets, you won’t win a Green Jacket, but you just might end up with a little extra green in your pocket. Recommended sportsbook for Masters Tournament betting: Bodog.

US Open Championship Betting

The US Open Championship is a challenging majors event that takes place every June on the third Sunday of the month. The event is played at a variety of courses, with a premium being placed on difficult holes. US Open Championship betting action is heavy every year, but it’s hard telling who will win the tournament any given year. The courses are so difficult that golfers have won the championship with above-par scores.

If you would like to bet on the US Open Championship, you can visit any of our recommended golf betting sites. This is one of the most interesting tournaments to watch and there is never a lack of betting opportunities.

British Open Championship Betting

The British Open begins on the third weekend of July every year and it is held at one of nine courses in England and Scotland. Golfers from around the world compete in the British Open and the betting action is always heavy.

The British Open is especially exciting for golf bettors because it is the only one of the four majors that advances to a four hole playoff when more than one golfer is tied for the lead. After that, the tournament progresses to a sudden death match. If you want some high action (and high pressure) golf betting, the British Open is the event to bet on.

PGA Championship Golf Betting

The PGA Championship, or “Glory’s Last Shot,” is the last of the four majors to take place each year. It is held one month after the British Open and is played on a different course every year. There are still plenty of golf tournaments to bet on after the PGA Championship, but this is the last majors event of the year.

Ryders Cup Betting

The Ryder Cup is not your typical golf tournament. Instead of the usual free-for-all tournament, the Ryder Cup is a match between teams from the United States and Europe. In the Ryder Cup, two teams of 12 golfers play in a variety of match play competitions until one of the teams is declared the winner.

With 24 golfer facing off in competitions such as foursome matches, fourball matches and singles matches, betting on the Ryder Cup is always exciting. If you would like to give it a shot for yourself, the Ryder Cup can be bet on at any of our top online golf betting sites.