Types Of Golf Bets

There are several different types of golf bets that can be placed at most online sportsbooks. These bets use the same types of odds and payouts that you will find for most other sports gambling activities. If you visit any online sportsbook, you can expect to see any number of the following golf bets.

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Golf Outright Win Bets

This is one of the simplest and most commonly placed types of golf bets. In the golf outright win bet, you pick an individual golfer, place a bet on him and then get paid if that golfer wins the tournament.

The less likely a golfer is to win a tournament, the more sportsbooks offer on that player. The goal of golf betting sites is to make every golfer an attractive bet. In fact, the sportsbooks sometimes pay out as high as 1000/1 on long shot prospects. These bets are not easy to win but the payouts can be lucrative.

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Golf Head to Head Match Bet

Some golf sportsbooks call these “head to head bets” and others call them “match bets.” In either case, you are given a choice of two golfers and may place a bet on either golfer. Your bet wins if the golfer you pick gets a better score than the other golfer. These bets are listed in either the money line odds format or the fractional odds format.

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Golf 3 Ball Betting

A 3-ball bet in golf is similar to the head to head match bet. The difference is that in 3 ball betting, you are given a choice of three golfers and may place a bet on a single golfer. You win the bet if your golfer ends up with the best score out of the group. These bets tend to pay a little more than golf match bets because your golfer has two competitors rather than just one.

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Golf Futures Betting

Golf futures bets are more long term in nature than other types of golf bets. These bets may be simple outright bets that are placed way in advance of the tournament or they may cover other subjects such as “will anyone score a 59 or lower in a major event in 2010?”

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Golf Prop Betting

Golf proposition betting is sort of a catch-all category of golf bets. Prop bets in golf cover everything else that the other golf bets don’t. Many times, these bets have nothing to do with individual winners and losers; instead they deal with subjects that are more general in nature.

A sample golf prop bet may be something along the lines of  “how many strokes will the tournament winner win by?” You will then be given a list of options and their accompanying odds.

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Out of all our recommended golf betting sites, bodog sportsbook offers the best variety of golf bet types. Some other golf sportsbooks may offer slightly more betting options, but bodog has the best mix of variety and favorable odds. If you don’t already have a place to bet on golf, make sure you at least take a look at them.