Golf Prop Betting

Golf prop betting is a type of golf betting that does not deal with picking the winners of upcoming golf tournaments. These types of golf bets cover a lot of ground and can be based on anything that happens during the course of a tournament. Some prop bets can be wagered on by serious gamblers and other golf prop bets are intended purely for fun.

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How Golf Prop Betting Online Works

For example, one golf prop bet asks the question “what will be the winning margin of the winner of the AT&T National?” The sportsbook then gives a list of strokes and the odds paid for each option. Here’s how that would look on the page:

Winning Margin – AT&T National

Won in playoff 9/4
1 Stroke exactly 13/5
2 Strokes exactly 7/2
3 Strokes exactly 11/2
4 Strokes exactly 10/1
(and so on)

In this golf prop bet, you can choose any of the above options and you win if that’s how the tournament actually plays out. If you choose the “4 strokes exactly” option, you will receive a payout of 10/1 on your money if the tournament winner has a four stroke lead at the end of the tournament. A successful $10 bet would result in a $100 payout.

There is no limit to the types of prop bets that sportsbooks can come up with. Golf prop bets can include anything from the winning margin to whether or not a hole in one will be achieved during the US Open. Most golf prop bets are tame but some of them can get pretty far out there.

Golf proposition betting is usually more luck based than other types of golf bets. These bets are difficult to predict and should be considered “fun bets” in most cases. Serious golf bettors avoid prop bets but casual fans find them unique and entertaining.