Golf Head To Head Match Betting

Golf head to head betting (also called “match betting”) is similar to straight up moneyline bets offered in other sports. In head to head betting, you are given a choice of two golfers and you may place a bet on either golfer. Your bet is then considered a win if the golfer you picked ends up with the better score at the end of the round.

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How Golf Match Betting Online Works

The following example is how most golf sportsbooks list their head to head match bets. These odds are displayed in moneyline format but the fractional odds format is also common. In this example, we have a normal moneyline match bet that was offered by Bodog:

Lee Westwood -150
Martin Kaymer +120

Lee Westwood is considered the favorite in this match so Bodog is offering money line odds of -150. This means that for every $1.50 you wager on Lee, you will be paid $1.00 if he ends up with a better score than Martin Kaymer. Martin Kaymer is considered the underdog in this match so the odds are a little more attractive for him. The +120 next to his name means that you will be paid $1.20 for every $1.00 you wager on Kaymer.

The outcome of a head to head bet is not affected by each golfer’s overall finish in the tournament. The only thing that matters in head to head betting is which golfer does the best out of the two. The two golfers can finish in 99th and 100th place and it doesn’t matter – as long as the golfer you picked gets the better score.

Golf match betting is a little easier to handicap because it only requires intimate knowledge of two individual golfers. In this bet, you don’t have to worry about a huge field of golfers. If you follow a few specific golfers very closely, this one of the best bets for your money.