Golf Betting Odds

The golf betting odds listed here are the most current and up to date odds offered by Bodog Sportsbook. These odds are live and updated automatically every day. If you would like to place a bet on any of the events listed below, all you have to do is click on the odds for that event and you’ll be taken straight to the Bodog Sportsbook odds page.

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Finding The Best Golf Betting Odds

Bodog usually offers the best golf betting odds, but other sportsbooks sometimes have special deals for specific bets. If you want to find the best golf betting odds every time you make a wager, it is highly recommended that you open an account at a few different sportsbooks.

Once you have a specific bet in mind, the rest is simply a matter of logging in to your account at each sportsbook and comparing the odds of that bet. In many cases, multiple sportsbooks offer the same odds for big name players and events. But it never hurts to look, because even a small difference in payouts has a significant impact on your long term win rate.

Majors Golf Betting Odds

The four majors every year always attract a lot of betting action so check back here for the latest majors golf betting odds. As each majors events approaches, the sportsbooks adjust and update their odds on a frequent basis. The four majors are held each year in the following order:

  • The Masters Tournament
  • The US Open Championship
  • The British Open Championship
  • The PGA Championship

Ryder Cup Golf Betting Odds

The Ryder Cup is right up there with the four majors in terms of prestige and betting action. If you plan on betting on this year’s Rider Cup, this page will provide you with the most up to date betting odds. Shopping around for the best odds is always a smart idea in sports betting – there’s no easier way to add to your bottom line.

Other Golf Betting Odds

No matter what time of year it is, there’s always at least one golf event to bet on. In addition to the five tournaments mentioned already, there are dozens of other golf tournaments you can bet on each year at our top golf sportsbooks. The golf betting odds for those other tournaments will also be displayed right here in an easy-to-read format.