Golf Betting Tips

These golf betting tips are designed to help you pick your own golf bets rather than rely on third party picks. Free golf tips come a dime a dozen, but knowing how to make your  own picks is where the real money is at. If you do your homework and study up on the game of golf, you can become a profitable golf bettor.

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The main thing to remember about golf betting (and all sports betting) is that you have to take a long term approach to it. Savvy golf bettors can make a long term profit but they don’t expect to win all of their bets. It’s not uncommon for even the best sports bettors to go on painful losing streaks. The key to winning at sports betting is to work hard and bet within your bankroll. The rest will follow.

Bet On Golf For Value

One important concept in golf betting is betting for value. This is different than just trying to find out who the next winner will be. Golf bettors make a long term profit by finding lines in which the payout odds are greater than the chances that golfer will win.

For the sake of example, let’s say you find a matchup bet between two golfers. You do a little research and estimate that Golfer A has a 25% chance to win. Golfer B is a well-known golfer and you think he has a 75% chance of winning.

At this point, the obvious choice would be to bet on Golfer B because he has a 75% chance to win. But let’s say that Golfer B has odds of -500. This means you have to wager $5.00 for every $1.00 in potential winnings. Golfer A has odds of +900, which means that you will get $9.00 for every $1.00 you wager.

Suddenly, Golfer A becomes a good choice. Even though he’s the underdog in this bet, this line shows value. The odds of him winning are 25% but the sportsbook is offering 9 to 1. Over the long term, this bet will show a profit. If you got into this situation 20 times and bet $100 on Golfer A every time, here’s what would happen:

Lose $100 in 15 of those bets:    -$1500
Win $900 in 5 of those bets:        +$4500

Total Profit:                $3000

Bet On Golf Within Your Bankroll

A golf betting bankroll is money that you have set aside specifically for the purpose of betting on golf. One of the key tenants in all betting activities is that you never risk your rent money, no matter how confident you are of a win.

It is also important that you make bets that are small in comparison to your bankroll. This way, you get a little breathing room in case you have a bad string of bets. Even the best sports bettors in the world go on bad runs. The thing that keeps them in the game is smart bankroll management. Many smart sports bettors never risk more than 5% of their bankroll on a single bet.