EPGA Golf Betting

Online golf sportsbooks always offer EPGA betting to go along with all their other golf betting options. The European Tour is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world and it regularly attracts big name players and a lot of attention. This, in turn, translates to heavy EPGA betting action every year in both Europe and the US.

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EPGA Golf Betting Sites

Our top recommended golf betting sites all offer EPGA betting year round. Each of these golf sportsbooks was established at least 10 years ago and has a history of offering fair odds and safe betting. If you don’t already have an EPGA betting home, take a look at our list of the best golf sportsbooks.

How Betting On EPGA Golf Events Works

EPGA betting isn’t any different than other types of golf betting. In fact, many sportsbooks list EPGA betting and PGA betting within the same section. Whether it’s the European Tour, the PGA Tour or anything else, the types of golf bets are all basically the same.

The only difference with EPGA betting is which events and golfers you can place your wagers on. As each EPGA event approaches, golf sportsbooks open the betting for each event. The two most common types of EPGA bets are bets on who will win the tournament and matchup bets between two specific players.

Outright winner bets in the EPGA are straightforward bets on a single golfer to take first place. If your golfer wins, you will be paid according to the odds posted by the sportsbook. In most cases, you will get odds of 5/1 or better for the best golfers. As you go down the list, it’s not uncommon to see sportsbooks paying 100/1 or more on long shot victories.

Golf sportsbooks also provide EPGA matchup betting. In these bets, you are presented with a pair of golfers and you try to predict which golfer will end up with the best score out of the pair. Depending on each golfer’s ability, the sportsbooks adjust the odds to account for uneven matchups.

For a more detailed explanation of EPGA betting, visit this page about the different types of golf bets. That page contains a summary of each type of golf bet and links off to in-depth explanations of each bet type.

History Of The EGBA Golf Tour

The Professional Golfer Association’s first ever European PGA Tour debuted in 1971. In the first few years of the EPGA, there were 20 events in all scattered throughout Europe though most were in Ireland and Great Britain. 10 years later the EPGA held it’s first tournament outside of Europe, the Tunisian Tour, in North Africa which is also the year the EPGA became independent of the PGA.

In the following years the EPGA tried to find ways to keep EPGA members from switching to the higher prizes of the PGA. 1989 brought another first to the EPGA with their first ever Asian event, the Dubai Desert Classic. 3 years later, the EPGA made their way to East Asia, debuting the Johnnie Walker Classic held in Bangkok. Throughout the 90’s the EPGA added more and more tournaments to their tour and this year’s tour which started in late 2008 has 53 cash events spanned over 55 weeks.