LPGA Golf Betting

The LPGA may not get as much television coverage as the PGA but LPGA betting is still alive and well. If you’d like to try your skill at LPGA betting, this quick-start page will get you up and going. With a little basic knowledge of golf betting and a safe sportsbook to call home, golf fans from around the world can bet on LPGA events all year long.

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LPGA Golf Betting Sites

The best LPGA betting sites offer all the afore-mentioned LPGA betting options plus several more. If you’re from the US, Bodog is well worth a look. We also like Bet365 for all you non-US golf fans out there. Bet365 is an awesome all around sportsbook and they have tons of golf bets.

How LPGA Event Golf Betting Works

Most LPGA betting takes the form of outright winner betting and matchup betting. These two golf bets account for the vast majority of LPGA betting action at online sportsbooks. There are several other bet types as well, but these are the most common.

The simplest form of LPGA betting is called “outright winner” betting. Any time there is a major LPGA event approaching, the sportsbooks let you choose individual golfers and place a wager on that golfer winning the entire tournament. If your prediction proves correct, you will receive a hefty payout.

Even the best LPGA golfers feature attractive odds at most golf betting sites. There’s just so much competition that no single golfer is a lock to win a tournament. It’s not easy to get it right every time, but when you do, the payoff is sweet. Plus, you can always spread your money and place bets on a few different golfers.

The other most popular type of LPGA bet is called the “matchup bet.” In this bet, you take a pair of two golfers and place a bet on which one you think will end up with the lowest score of the two. This is an interesting bet because the golfers don’t specifically compete against one another; you’re just trying to guess who will have the lowest score at the end of the round.

LPGA betting isn’t limited to just these two bets, however. There are also opportunities to place futures bets, 3 ball bets and more. Check out our types of golf bets page for a quick refresher on all LPGA betting options.